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"Where I Belong" - 2012 Squall & Rinoa Challenge

Hello, I’ll try to keep this brief, I tried to write the mods to see if this was all right, but I’m going to take a chance and post it. I’m a writer at ffnet (Ashbear) and several of us are putting together an all-inclusive Squall and Rinoa Challenged titled “Where I Belong.” I won’t make a long post; I’m just give you a few links if you’re interested. We’d love to have everyone join whether your talent is writing/art/icon design/video making/arts and crafts we are taking all mediums. This is from August 1st until August 30th. We already have had an amazing reply, but we'd love to get as many people invovled as possible. It's a one-time fandom event that invites past/present/and hopefully new writer and artists to join. We will do a master list with all works linked, but the details on that will come out as time draws near. Thank you!

Guidelines on my LJ

Forum at

Facebook Event info

Twitter Feed When each piece of art, story, etc comes in, we will tweet the url to followers.

We also have a listing on tumblr, and both the C2 at FFnet and Collection at A03 are under "Where I Belong"

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